Explaining Issues This Process Can Resolve

When people want to bring about an end to their marriage but they do not want to face the potential costs, stress and time involved with a litigated divorce case, they have other options to consider.  One of the emerging strategies that can put the dissolution of their marriage behind them relatively quickly is divorce mediation.  Anyone who would like to learn more about what this process entails and its potential advantages should seek the advice of experienced San Diego divorce mediation lawyers.  Below is a brief overview of the specific issues that can and should be resolved with a successful divorce mediation.

Property Division

Every California divorce involves some sort of property division, and this can be a complicated process for people to resolve given the non-liquid nature of some of the marital assets as well as the liabilities that must be assigned to the parties.  However, a successful San Diego divorce mediation allows the parties themselves to apportion the estate in an equitable manner.

Spousal Support

Some San Diego divorces can and even should involve the payment of spousal support for a period of time.  When a family court makes a decision regarding spousal support, there are many factors that are used to come to this conclusion.  The help of a San Diego divorce mediation lawyer can help the parties understand these variables so that a proper solution can be obtained.

Child Custody

Perhaps the most difficult issue to resolve between parties to a divorce is the issue of child custody.  These battles can become especially nasty when a divorce is litigated, and the people who always suffer the most as a result are the children of that marriage.  San Diego divorce mediation lawyers can help parties work through this difficult issue by carefully managing the negotiation process so that particularly intense antagonism is avoided.

Child Support and Visitation

Child support is also an issue that arises whenever a child custody decision is made, and the amount of child support that the non-custodial must pay to the custodial parent is largely determined by numerical factors used by the court.  Of course, there are other factors that could be relevant, but in order for a marital settlement agreement to be approved by the court, both the child support amount and the visitation schedule must be included and be proper in terms of California family law.

How San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyers Can Help

Clearly, the issues described above are not easy ones for people to simply sit down and work through calmly.  Emotion dominates the end of any marriage, which is why the calm and experienced hand of a San Diego divorce mediation lawyer is necessary to give the parties the best chance possible to come to a fair and equitable result.  If you would like to explore this possibility, contact the San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation.

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