Helping Spouses Prepare for the Process

When spouses decide that they need to complete a California divorce, more and more of them are making the good decision to pursue their marriage dissolution by way of divorce mediation.  This process allows for the possibility that a divorce can be completed without incurring enormous litigation costs and years of stress and antagonism.  Those who choose to seek the help of San Diego divorce mediation attorneys will certainly be provided with advice regarding how to prepare for this process, and below are some basic suggestions in this regard.

Gather Information

Perhaps the most meticulous aspect of any California divorce mediation is the process of dividing the marital estate.  This property division must be done properly and equitably under California’s community property laws, and the best way to make sure that this division is completed fairly is to gather as much information regarding assets and liabilities as possible.

A spouse should not simply assume that the other spouse will have the necessary information, as there could be assets that have been moved or otherwise changed and others that may not be known by both parties.  Therefore, if both parties can make sure that their financial pictures are accurately and completely presented, it will usually lead to a better result in a shorter amount of time.

Prepare To Have an Open Mind

Obviously, ending a marriage is a difficult process to endure for anyone, particularly if there are children of the marriage who will primarily be living with one parent instead of another.  There are many other emotional aspects of a California divorce, which means that spouses who are focused on completing this process properly need to be ready to have an open mind and to listen to the other party.  Simply taking a step back before defending one’s position can make an enormous difference in terms of the overall result.

Defend Your Legal Rights

However, despite the importance of an open mind, spouses should not be afraid to stand up for themselves when they feel that they are in the right on a particular issue.  The mediator involved in the process will help move it forward if it bogs down over an issue, but there is a standard of fairness that should and will be promoted by a mediator who has the skill necessary to deal with these proceedings.

Overall, divorce mediation has been an extremely positive strategy to pursue for many people who wanted to end their marriages in California.  However, this process should only be undertaken with the help of San Diego divorce mediation lawyers who have handled these situations before and who will be able to help guide the parties to a resolution.  Contact the San Diego Divorce Mediation Attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation.

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