Stay Away From Divorce Court

Question: Why do they call it “Family Court”?

They should call it “unfamily court” or divorce court because that is what it does. It dissolves families. It is very simple – it is where people receive orders on how to go different ways.

Divorce mediation is a perfect place to begin solving your problems because it is much more personal. You will be able to speak for yourself rather than have a lawyer do so and you can also hear where your spouse stands on certain issues.

Ten things people worry about before going into Divorce Court:

  1. Does the judge favor men or women?
  2. Is the judge generous with alimony?
  3. Is the judge any good?
  4. Is my lawyer a friend of the judge?
  5. Is the other lawyer a friend of the judge? 
  6. Are these two lawyers friends? 
  7. Am I going to be charged $1,000.00 for just this morning? 
  8. Will this hearing be continued so I have to get off work and come back again? 
  9. Will I lose my kids? 
  10. When is this going to end? This divorce will affect you for the rest of your life. Why does the judge only have 20 minutes to make court orders on your case?

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