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It can be very difficult to keep your life together while trying to make rational decisions about how to handle your divorce. If you find you have too much to deal with, divorce mediation may help.

At our law offices our skilled legal team is dedicated to providing quality representation in divorce mediation and other family law matters throughout San Diego and Southern California. Our team is a respected choice for clients who are seeking expert assistance.

Divorce Mediation
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What We Have Learned After Handling Thousands Of Divorces

One thing we have come to clearly understand is that most divorces are predictable, and, therefore, most people waste time and money trying to fight it out in court instead of resolving issues on their own.

For instance, child support has always been predictable, even before the Agnos Act and before the infamous Mandatory Guideline. Today, the calculations are a matter of plugging the numbers into one of several computer programs. So why do so many couples spend tens of thousands of dollars to hear the outcome from a judge instead of settling the matter outside of court?

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